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Send Unique Digital Invites

Distribute unique invites to guests, family & friends

Multiple Platform Notification

Guests will get robocalls, WhatsApp and text message event invite notification


Find out who came to your event & what time they came

Memories are forever

We’ll preserve your images & videos from your events forever

Advanced Facial Recognition

Manage event access like never before with advanced facial recognition or unique access code, granting guests access in seconds

Be Social

Invite your friends for events & enjoy the experience as a group

Stay Updated

Get Personalised event interactions & updates

Never Get Lost

Can’t find your way to the event, don’t worry, Liveet will direct you using Google Maps

Calendar Integration

Need a Reminder, integrate invites to your calendar

Transfer Invitation to Your Friends

Cannot attend an event anymore? with Liveet, just transfer the invite to your friend

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